Being a momma is hard enough and even though I have three little ones under five so they don’t really go to school full time anyways thinking about being productive and yet still enjoying the summer has really been stressful! Anyone else?! I am either working from home or on set working all day or even traveling for work so trying to keep my household running can be a challenge.

Lately I can’t seem to be in the moment because I have so much work in the background of my mind that I can’t shut off! Being an entrepreneur is hard AF but it really is who I am and I don’t think I could stop if I wanted too! If I’m not on set styling Ads then I’m working on my jewelry line, or blog or insta life 😊

So instead of complaining I’ve decided to make a plan for the next couple summer months to relieve my stress and help me be more in the moment with the family while Im not working or on the weeks I’m working the most!


* Plan out a schedule of activities or play dates for the nanny. Make a list of museums we have a membership to or their free 👌🏼, parks that the kids like, farmers market day, etc.

* Order groceries on Sunday from my fav @milkandeggscom and plan out weekly meals so I can easily cook when I get home from work or the nanny can start them. I love that when I order groceries I can think about the meals, it doesn’t have to be set in stone, I like to get 3-4 meats, fish, ground turkey, chicken breast and that way I can make multiple meals from each. Ground turkey for example can become meatballs, tacos, lasagna, stuffed peppers etc! 

* I’m setting a goal to either wake up early or do an afternoon workout 4 days a week, quick at home workouts I love @loroxburgh rebounder and roller videos, I just quickly roll out a mat and do them on our patio 

* Buy a few kids birthday presents online and wrap and store them for summer bday parties and store them in the garage 😜so I can just grab and go

* Hire a bi-weekly house cleaner or if that isn’t in your budget try to split up cleaning days. I like to clean as I go, leave a bottle of cleaner under the bathroom sink and kitchen; after the kids baths spray and wipe down the bath, wipe down the island and kitchen table after dinner! Vacuum during naps or kids quiet time. Every time I get new groceries I try to wipe down and clean out the fridge. I try to split up laundry, to the towels and sheets Monday’s, kids laundry Wednesday and our laundry Friday or something like that. 

* Plan my outfits out with the @cladwell app! I love that It reminds me what is in my closet and while I’m laying in bed feeding the baby or can’t sleep I can plan my outfits for the next day or week instead of digging through my closet.

* When possible just take a day off all todo list items and go somewhere new with the kids or hubs.. which leads me to the next one...

* Date night every other week! Even if we go broke paying for a sitter it’s worth it ;)

I’ve noticed as I get older having some control and schedule actually makes me feel calmer even if I don’t get it all accomplished at least I have a plan to attack it. 

I hope this little list is helpful for you too!



When I was pregnant with my first I honestly never even thought twice about breastfeeding... I was sure it would come naturally for Duke and I.

I had no idea this would be one of the hardest parts of my motherhood journey. No one ever told me while pregnant all the issues one could have.

As I talk more openly about breastfeeding I’m realizing every mama has a story and every mama needs support!

Wether it’s over production, inverted nipples, low supply, latch issues, mastitis,  etc etc.. I think this post could be 20 pages long if I really went into detail but if I could only express one important thing I’ve learned through all this it would be that no amount of breast milk is more important than your love and affection for your baby! Meaning, if you aren’t able to breastfeed or you decide you need to stop you and your baby will be OK!

I feel grateful that all my kids were able to easily latch and naturally went straight to the boob on their own, for me the hard part was keeping up with them. 

Duke was almost 9 pounds and he was a hungry little guy right from the beginning, I probably only produced one ounce of milk and for the first two weeks of his life he lost weight. I tried every natural supplement, I ate oats everyday, I drank gallons of water, but nothing made me produce more.

Eventually my pediatrician (who is also my mom, I know I’m so lucky) advised me to supplement with formula and continue breastfeeding as long as it came naturally.

I remember giving that first bottle and crying, I knew in my logical mind that it was what we had to do but emotionally I felt like such a failure. I couldn’t even provide for my own baby.

The public judgment from people I didn’t even know that asked me why I was using formula or if I even tried to breastfeed made me feel even worse, I was embarrassed every time I had to feed a bottle in public. 

Fast forward to three babies later and my attitude is SO different! I know as long as my babies are loved and we are both happy that we will all be ok! 

I’ve started a series of interviews and conversations on my Instagram that has been so uplifting and encouraging! Go to my highlights and check out “Breastfeeding” to see mini interviews with:

Dr. Christine Sterling - OBGYN

Janae Rose - Pediatric OT & Lactation consultant 

Alex Merrell - New Nicu Baby mama 

And more to come!

The mama tribe has saved me from feeling alone, overwhelmed and depressed many times during this journey of motherhood and it has inspired me to continue learning from others! 

I hope you enjoy! 



I’ve been all about using existing pieces in my closet to cut back on shopping, and if I do chose to invest in a new piece I want it to be sustainable and versatile in my closet!

Check out this cute minimal spring round up!

Hope you enjoy!

Click the gallery below to shop for each piece.

GIVING BIRTH TO 3 c-section babies and my recovery

You all have inspired me to write a post about giving birth three different times and recovery i.e. the fourth trimester! 

I’ve received SO many messages in the last week with different recovery stories and it’s just so inspiring and amazing what the female body goes through.

As many of you know I am now a momma of three (it is still so surreal) baby Hank is 10 days old and we are cruising right through the recovery process.

But let me rewind a bit to my first birth and second birth and recap the birth and recovery phase with those two! 

Duke my first born is now four years old. We had a birth plan and a doula and took 3 months of hypnobirthing classes, and we thought we had it all figured out. I felt confident that I was athletic and stayed in shape and have naturally wide hips and I just knew I would be able to handle the pain and squeeze him out no problem.. needless to say, I did not have that experience.

Let’s just say I fired my doula while I was in labor haha, I was induced almost 2 weeks late and after needing more and more pitocin to help my labor progress it eventually hit me hard... after 2 days and 2 hours of pushing it was pretty clear that Duke was swollen or stuck and (we didn’t know he was sunny side up) we needed to move into an emergency c-section. 

Kyle and I still had some beautiful moments during the progression of that labor and I look back on it and wouldn’t change much. But at the time I felt like a total failure! 

The c-section didn’t seem horrible, but after arriving home from the hospital the swelling in my legs and the incision pain and exhaustion was overwhelming. I remember a week or so into recovery and only being able to walk to the end of the block and back. I remember feeling helpless and overwhelmed with new motherhood and a little isolated. 

I had a low milk supply and although the baby had been latching well I just wasn’t keeping up with him, I tried every natural supplement, I tried pumping after each feeding with a medical grade pump, I tried praying but he couldn’t gain his birth weight back and we had to start supplementing with formula. I remember the first time I mixed powder in a bottle and fed him I cried afterwords. And then he slept 3 hours for the first time ever and I realized that’s what he needed to sleep and thrive.

No one tells you how emotional all of these things can make you! I compared myself to those moms where everything went effortlessly smooth and they had a quick delivery and made tons of milk and their babies slept through the night... but that was not my experience! 

I had all of these feelings even with an amazingly supportive husband who refilled my water 20 times a day and told me I was doing great and my mom (also a pediatrician) who came over every day for the first two weeks to let me nap and also reassured me that I was doing everything right! 

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I had postpartum but I definitely had a bit of baby blues when the sleep deprivation kicked in, I remember not recognizing my squishy body and feeling like I would never get back into my old clothes and feeling isolated from my typical daily life as a stylist on set. Of course I felt ashamed to admit any of that was getting me down to loved ones. 

Don’t get me wrong I was totally in love with my little babe and the snuggles but I want anyone reading to know the realities that often go through a knew mother’s head!!

Baby number two was our sweet girl Ruby who came along 2.5 years later.. so this time we schedule a c-section at 39 weeks and let me just say it was AMAZING! 

We walked into the hospital calmly at 6am and cracked jokes with our OB and by 8am we had a baby! 

The recovery was 1 million times easier! 

I was prepared for a low milk supply and although I had secretly hoped the milk gods would bless me after about 3 weeks I needed to supplement a bit with her as well! This time around I did hire an amazing Lactation consultant that came to the house and weighed the baby before and after feeding and showed me techniques for better feeding and production! She also mentioned that it seemed like I was missing milk ducts in my breast tissue, which after all the struggling to feed my babies this information was somehow comforting! Knowing it was out of my control made me more relaxed and I could enjoy the journey!

And for the third baby Hank (10 days ago) we did the same as ruby.. a scheduled c-section at 40 weeks and it has been pretty much a breeze so far! I’m also able to enjoy the things that are hard about new mom life even more knowing that it is fleeting and everything else will someone return to normal. I still can’t wait to get my physical strength and body back, I still can’t wait to get back to work and see all my favorite clients but in the meantime I am able to 100 percent enjoy this snuggly baby and this time with his siblings! 

Obviously everyone is different and you should ALWAYS take your doctors advice, these are just a few tips as an experienced mama!

C Section / birth Recovery tips:

  • Get up and walk as soon as they’ll let you! Do laps around the hospital a couple times a day if your up for it! 

  • Massage your uterus and above the incision area to combat scar tissue 

  • Buy the Bellefit corset (use code LIZZIE) or similar binder.. this has been soo amazing for belly and back support in these first few weeks

  • Don’t feel bad about taking the pain meds the first couple days 

  • Stay hydrated 

  • Eat healthy fueling meals to combat your exhaustion

  • Take a stool softener ;) 

  • Try not to lift anything or stretch to reach anything for the first couple weeks

  • Rest rest rest 

  • Ask your partner or family for help when you need it! 

Tools and supplements I’m using on baby 3 that I didn’t for the first two: (again this is just my experience you should do your own research or consult your doctor)

  • Placenta encapsulation. (Research who you are using and make sure they use techniques that are safe!) I used “The Feel Good Company” and she is amazing!

  • I am diligently taking my prenatals from New Chapter 

  • B12 spray and Omega gummies from Mary Ruth Organics 

  • Lactation supplement called “liquid gold” from Legendary Milk

  • A probiotic from Dr Tobias 

  • Various different plant based protein powders and drinking tons of water! 

Hopefully reading this wasn’t too boring and you are able to take something away from it! 

I remember my first birth experience like it was yesterday and honestly nothing could have prepared me for it, but I wish more people then would have been more open and honest about their true feelings and struggles postpartum! 

And for anyone thinking about having more children or pregnant with their second or third just know that the process gets easier and your mind and body seems to know what to do!!



This year I have been making it a priority to switch over anything toxic or wasteful in our daily life and our home one step at a time!

Did you know that the Union of Concerned Scientists has estimated about 18 billion diapers are thrown into landfills every year. And a 1998 study by the Environmental Protection Agency found that diapers made up 3.4 million tons of waste, or 2.1 percent of U.S. garbage in landfills that year. 

As I head into life with baby number three I am finally ready to make a change and do my part. I’m sorry to admit that I never felt like I was someone who had the time for cloth diapers, as a working mom with different caretakers I always wanted our diapers to be convenient. Here was my diaper search criteria or order of importance:

  1. Safe ingredients for baby and better for the planet

  2. No leaking/ reliable diapers

  3. Cost comparable to pampers

  4. Convenience of delivery if possible 

Enter “Dyper” .... the bamboo diaper company that I stumbled upon had EVERYTHING on my wishlist!

Dyper is a diaper delivery service that delivers each month to your house! Their diapers have no chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT or Phthalates. They have no prints, so there's no ink to worry about. Just naturally hypoallergenic & antimicrobial bamboo fibers.

💯 bamboo so they are biodegradable and compostable!

After a full month using these diapers I am happy to report that they do not disappoint! They are soft and comfortable for baby and totally reliable.

In fact I did a dyper vs pampers absorption comparison video on my Instagram and dyper won hands down!! (Check it out on my Instagram highlights) 

They also have a convenient blue stripe to indicate wetness which we’ve been loving!

Cost, let’s do a little cost comparison! 

To break it down simply:

Pampers 132 pack delivered via amazon monthly is $55 

Dyper is 140-200 diapers for $64 

To me this feels like a fair switch for a more ethical diaper that has so much to offer! 

I’m so happy that I have found dyper and am collaborating with them! 

Try them out for a month CLICK HERE!

I promise you’ll never go back!




Most of you know that I’m about to be on baby number three! So I’ve rounded up the most essential items that I have used and are tried and true!


  1. Maxi-Cosi® Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat - We used this car seat for baby number two and I LOVED how light and sleek it was! Ruby always loved riding in it. And after purchasing a $30 adapter it fit onto our bugaboo and our double stroller easily for those first few months!

  2. Bugaboo Buffalo Complete Stroller - We received this stroller as a splurge gift from Nana on baby number 1 back in 2014! It is still our top used stroller, even though I’ve purchase multiple others and wagons and doubles etc, nothing beats our bugaboo! Storage is great, rides smooth, looks gorgeous… what more could we want!

  3. Dock- a- Tot Deluxe+ Dock in Pristine White - We only had this for baby number 2 and I swear it was life changing. Ruby could sleep anywhere and I could know that she was safe and wasn't going to roll out. It also easily packed into a bag to go to hotels and trips with us!

  4. Medela freestyle pump - I am a working mama, sometimes I’m on a wardrobe truck, sometimes I’m on a motorhome and sometimes I’m in a parking lot.. haha and this pump has been hands free in all those locations with me! I love that it holds a charge, I love how portable it is!

  5. Haakaa milk catcher - This thing was recommended to me by my lactation consultant with baby number 2 and I cannot recommend it enough. I definitely have some leaking boobies (sorry for the TMI) If your a first time mom you never know what your experience is so feel free to amazon this at the last minute if you want to wait. But I would catch up to 2 ounces of breast milk on one side while the baby fed on the other! For a mom who doesn’t produce much milk to begin with this brought tears to my eyes!

  6. Leader bag diaper bag - These diaper backpacks are functional, easy to clean when a bottle explodes, conveniently clip onto the stroller and have tons of pockets… AND look stunning and break in well! We’ve been using the leather/ canvas one for 4 years!

  7. Solly baby wrap - Loved my solly baby for those very first few infant days, but in my opinion they don’t hold bigger babies well, so you decide if its worth the investment.

  8. Wild bird sling - These wild bird slings are so beautiful and such a great easy way to slip on and carry baby! Good for anyone intimidated by the wraps

  9. Pacifier clip - Any kind of clip will work really but I’m loving these

  10. Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie - This is the the pacifier that has worked for our family!

  11. Car seat mirror - This is a great handy tool, we have 4 of these for every car and everyone! The kids love seeing themselves and it comes in handy while driving!

  12. Bloom coco rocker - This will be a new addition for us, the design is so beautiful I can’t wait to use it. Honestly I know there are probably the bouncy seats and swings that are uglier and work better but since this is number three and I know the older two will like to rock and entertain the baby I went with aesthetically pleasing for this purchase :)

  13. SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby - So this is a new one for me! We bought it used from a friend so I didn’t feel too guilty about the price tag if it doesn’t work out. But I’m praying it will make baby number three a dream sleeper!

  14. Swaddle Blanket- Honestly you can’t really have enough of these for those first few months! And I loved having these convenient velcro ones for the days you just can’t get the wrap right on your own.

  15. Organic muslin swaddle blankets - every baby I’ve bought a few of these and dyed them myself with some pretty colors, I always love how they turn out and save them for years!

  16. Ergo 360 Carrier - Ok I went a little baby carrying crazy but honestly I love carrying around the baby and this carrier is a must! It holds the baby in all the directions, facing in, facing out, on your back! The kids love it and its a great thing to always have in the car!


If you know me you know that I work as a stylist in a fast paced advertising industry, I’m currently 8 and a half months pregnant with my third baby and this pregnancy has flown by!

What I’ve learned and noticed this third time around is that I didn’t need to buy a whole lot of maternity items.. In fact I’ve probably only bought one or two pieces total.

That being said I think its all about know what pieces are going to last and still fit into your typical stylish uniform as I like to call it.

I have been loving doing these try on sessions with you to really show you a real life fit. This week I teamed up with blogger friends Megan , Caitlin and Chrissy to show you how they have similar pieces that can transition easily into postpartum/nursing, and then right on into mom life!

The Key five pieces I chose to style around were:

1. Black Skinny Jeans

2. Jean Jacket

3. Demi Boot Jeans or works the same with a Wide Leg

4. Overalls

5. Favorite Cardigan






The company has been growing and changing since Lizzie started it out of her garage in Manhattan Beach California in 2006. The idea is that all the jewelry is thoughtfully designed and hand crafted using different precious metals and occasionally precious stones that you will want to keep and pass onto your daughters. 

The latest collection was inspired by Lizzie's honeymoon through the Basque country of France. The rich and elegant nautical culture that is everywhere in Biarritz France is like stepping into an ocean of history. The polished brass and 14K gold make you feel like your discovering ancient treasures buried under the sea.

Lizzie spends her time working as a stylist for various clients in LA and NYC. She is constantly designing new pieces for the Society Nautique collection. All the pieces are hand made in the United States using the finest precious metals and precious stones.

Our hope is that you buy a piece of the collection knowing that you will pass it on to your daughters and grandchildren. A special connection to the ocean and the sea is present in all the designs which remind us of our small place in the Earth. Lizzie grew up near the sea and has never been able to leave! These are truly timeless pieces that remind us of our past and our future.






I don’t know about you guys but now that I have already Marie Kondo-d the shit out of my house and closet included I have been really happy pairing down my wardrobe to the basic staples that I love and just mixing and matching them differently to create new looks. I thought it might be helpful to show you how I do that.

Its a win win, shop less, spend less, but feel more comfortable and stylish because your in your favorite pieces that you know fit you well and look good!

Heres how i’ve been doing it:

  1. Use and app cladwell to organize the pieces you have in your closet and see them all in one place! Makes me feel like I have Cher’s closet from clueless… its so fun to browse through and decide what I want to wear the next day!

  2. Try ons - you can see my try ons in my instagram stories saved highlights were I do videos talking you through the outfits and where to shop for them.

  3. Outfit Links - You can also use this link to go see all the outfits I’ve styled and put direct shopping links to: Lizzie’s Outfits



Honestly when Duke was about 3 years old I started dreading the switch from a crib to his big boy bed… but soon enough he was 4 and the time had come!

I did a bunch of research on bedding and beds and as soon as I saw the montessori style house frame beds I just knew he would love that! So next we had to find a company that made one, my requirements were solid wood, a high frame (because we are all tall and didn’t want to be hitting our heads) and a railing.

More than Duke just having a cute bed I wanted to make sure we were making him feel safe in his new space. He typically doesn’t like change, so I wasn’t really worried about him rolling out of a bed but I knew that a rail would emotionally support him also :) #sensitiveboymom

I looked at major furniture/ kids stores like pottery barn and crate kids etc.. but then I found Zipadee Kids on etsy and it looked like the perfect fit; Zipadee Kids is based in Ohio and was founded by a husband/wife team, Matt and Amanda Whited in 2017. Matt and Amanda work together on each product from start to finish. I loved their story and they had competitive pricing for this market and I decided it was a perfect fit! We decided on a twin size because he has a small room but I felt like this size could honestly grow with him for a few years which made the investment of the bed more reasonable.


Delivery was so quick and install was pretty intuitive and easy, all the holes come pre-drilled. We did use a few extra screws to make it super sturdy. Also in full transparency we had a handyman come built it but it only took him a little over an hour, if you are handy yourself you’ll be fine.

Next I wanted to be sure we found a mattress that could hold up with Kyle and I laying in it. Duke has his own bed time routine and we do not co-sleep (no judgement that just doens’t work for us) but I did want to be able to lay with him and read books and I am not a small woman, haha so I needed a sturdy mattress.

I ended up going with Linen Spa 8 inch foam/inner spring mattress. It had amazing reviews on amazon and seemed like it would perfectly fit the bed, plus it was under $200 which felt like a deal!


Ok now for one of my favorite parts, the bedding! Ok so at first I just bought a twin fitted sheet that was organic cotton on amazon that I thought I could quickly use with his blankies that he already loved. But this was a huge mistake! Climbing on the floor and making the bed and trying to get the sheet/ blankets to fit nicely was a nightmare! After a couple weeks I was sooo annoyed and I started googling “how to make a twin sheet fit tightly” and I found some weird clip things that looked like a huge hassle to secure every time you made the bed but then I saw the brand Beddy’s!

The easiest way to describe it is its like all the bedding you need built together like one fitted sheet. It’s zip up bedding that sort of works like a sleeping bag. I had no idea how much I was about to fall in love with this bedding! I literally want to stop moms on the street and tell them to get one of these!

The bedding is all one piece, you put it on over the mattress like a fitted sheet and it fits snug and then there are two zippers on the side that zip open into a cozy top blanket. So in the morning you can just zip the two sides up and the bed is made! After I ripped open the box and washed and put it on I loved how it looked like a professional made the bed (yay for busy mommas), and the interior was lined with a minky fabric which Duke loves! The next best part, when its time to wash it you just throw the entire piece in the wash.. its literally like removing one sheet!

Favorite features of the bedding:

  1. Looks like a perfectly made bed. Even 3/4 year old can help you make it up.

  2. Super easy to climb into a kids house bed or better yet bunk beds and just pop the entire thing on.

  3. Comes off in one foul swoop when your ready to wash it

  4. Fabric is super cozy (and trust me my child is picky) and the print is modern and adorable

3. BEDDYS DASH BEDDING: $249 for the set but use code STYLINGBYLIZZIE20 !

As I mentioned Duke is a creature of habit but either we got lucky or mama got all the right pieces, because he transitioned into his own big boy bed like a champ! He felt cozy and safe in his new bed space.

I wish before I spent hours researching every little detail I had stumbled upon someone sharing all these elements, so I hope this was helpful for you guys!



The products below are some of my favorite pieces, they would be amazing gifts or perfect for your everyday minimal makeup routine!


I'll keep this one short and get right to the point!

I like to keep our gifts simple and meaningful or playful and fun for the kids to give Dad. Then I usually just plan a special day together or date night as a treat for Dad :)

I like to use a craft paper bag, let the kids draw all over it and then fill it with the gifts!

What I'm loving so far is matching board shorts since we've been having lots of pool/beach time, a Yeti cozy because what Dad doesn't love beer and gear, and this summer my boys have been into the idea of camping so I got a few fun camping inspired gifts! Check out the cute camping cups that I'm having custom made with a sketch of my hubbies knew truck on them :)

See the mood board below and click the pictures to shop!



I have always felt so overwhelmed by the environmental problems that have been happening in my lifetime and what will inevitably get worse in my kids lifetime!

Going green or being eco-friendly can seem intimidating, but reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t need to involve a radical lifestyle overhaul! There are a lot of simple and affordable changes you can make and be making a difference!

I have been making an effort to make these small changes in our household whenever possible!

One of my favorites products and new additions to our home is our BUFFY COMFORTER!!

Did you know that normal cotton comforters use MILLIONS of gallons of water to make. And goose down comforters often lead to live plucking of birds in a cruel way! I was shocked to read this! 

BUFFY opts for silk-soft natural eucalyptus fibers - which use 10x less water to cultivate and are milled in a zero-footprint, Oeko-tex certified environment in Austria. Instead of down, Buffy opts to make its own rejuvenated microfiber, made seven times finer than an eyelash (so it’s lighter and softer than down). (facts taken straight from the Buffy site)

Aside from the fact that we feel good about how our buffy was made it is the softest and most breathable bedding I have ever had! We are loving it, and plan on getting a smaller one for our kids when they get into bid kid beds!

I partnered with Buffy and am so happy to offer you guys this code to get your own!!

Click below and use my code

Use code LIZZIE15 - for $15 off

Here are a few other things we do to reduce our carbon footprint:

- re-usable bpa free plastic bags for kids snacks

- we try to eat locally produced and organic food

- we walk whenever possible

- we recycle

- we use led lights

- we grow some veggies and plants when we can

- we watch our water use and have switched most of our plants to drought tolerant






Ok so writing this post has been on my mind ever since I became a mom three years ago! When I started to think about sharing personal things on this blog I actually got excited, I love when I read other peoples stories and you suddenly feel a sense of being right there with them, I think that is such a special and valuable part of social media and the internet today!

Don’t be fooled by the title it’s not all the serious heavy stuff its a lot of the real life funny parts of pregnancy and motherhood that I’m about to share… but if you don’t have kids or aren’t interested in that process then feel free to skip.. hah..

When I first thought about blogging 3 years ago it was after my son Duke was born. I began to collect a wealth of knowledge from other mamas, and books and blogs and family! Pregnancy brings about a lot of weird unusual physical and mental things you never expected to feel, but then you go through birth and that blows your mind, and then your caring for a tiny human and that is just life changing. I could literally spend months writing this post, pregnancy, miscarriage, placenta encapsulation, breast feeding battles, mom guilt, sleep training, baby milestones, going back to work or staying home, starting preschool, keeping up with your significant other and keeping yourself happy.. I could go on and on! In this post I will just touch on my pregnancies and  birth and breast feeding.

Lets start with pregnancy! What an amazing time to be pregnant, female empowerment is at an all time high, medical information is readily available, and being open and having a motherhood community is totally the new cool! Thank god because we all need the support!

I was lucky enough to have an “easy” pregnancy with both my kids actually, I loved being pregnant, but let’s be honest, an easy and great pregnancy still includes, acne in weird places, growing a giant butt along with your belly, having my foot size grow too, getting a hemroid, weird colored nipples, and gas  That’s right I said it all and you know your laughing and nodding your head! Don’t worry my husband doesn’t read my posts. And that’s the point of blogging right ladies complete vulnerability!

Then there is birth…. oh sweet baby geezus! We went to 6 weeks of Hypnobirthing class and toured our hospital and wrote a birth plan and had candles and music prepared… and what happened, well absolutely nothing on our plan that’s for sure! Let’s just say I fired my doula during birth.. hormones ya know! Hah! And for the record the most real advice I got was, “when you feel like your pooping out the baby your doing it right” hahah

BUT two c sections later we have two perfect little angels! With Duke I was 2 weeks late and induced, after a lot of waiting and stressing my husband and I laid in the hospital bed spooning and meditating on a wave video we had once seen together and literally like magic I was finally dilated to 10! I pushed for what felt like an eternity with my husband my mom and an amazing nurse all singing Beyoncé with me standing at a squatting bar! I kept begging the nurses and doctors let me try again because I knew I could do it, but in the end Duke was sunny side up and everything was getting too swollen, and it just wasn’t in the cards for us so 48 hours later we had a c section!

In my wildest dreams I never thought I would need a c-section, I have wide hips and a high pain threshold and I thought for sure I’d just squeeze that baby out.. it was an emotional roller coaster and I have to say I felt like a failure. Mostly because of the pressure to have a natural or vaginal birth is so encouraged lately, and don’t get me wrong I am beyond proud of any fellow mamas that were able to do it that way! But I am hear to tell you that I went through the process and I felt labor too and we are all strong mamas no matter how our babies come to us!

Ruby was a scheduled C section and although that felt so unromantic I have to say it was glorious! No pain, no fear of the un-known just a beautiful baby born at 8am!

The next “why didn’t anyone tell me” that I encountered was breast feeding! Ok first I will say I have literally heard trials and tribulations of every scenario in the book ladies, so if your pregnant or hoping to be a mom you just cannot plan for anything! You could over produce, under produce, get engorged, get bloody, have to supplement, have a beautiful easy ride… you just never know. And honestly my theory on why no one talks about how hard breastfeeding can be is because it’s too much information for you to take in while pregnant and you kind of just have to wait and see what happens anyways!

I envisioned a relaxing shirt off hippy environment where my babies got all the nourishment they needed from me for the first six months to a year. But once again that wasn’t my body’s plan, with both kids I was an under producer, I finally had a Lactation consultant tell me that I have lots of missing milk ducts in my breasts, which made sense and was also something I had never heard before! I tried everything, constant nursing, a hospital grade pump, every natural supplement, tea and cookie recipe that ever existed and it just was never enough. Both of my kids needed a mix of formula and breast milk from the beginning and that is OK!

But no one tells you how hard that journey can be, again I felt like a failure and it didn’t help when other moms were asking me “why don’t you just try to breast feed” when they would see a bottle. They had no idea how much I had tried. I remember the first formula bottle I gave my son, my Mom (a pediatrician, yes I know I’m the luckiest) guided me through it and re-assured me and encouraged me that I was doing everything right and I still cried like a baby! I hoped with my second baby my body would suddenly produce more and of course it did not. But in the end I have two healthy beautiful thriving children and I am able to share this with you with complete confidence… whatever your journey with feeding is.. YOU ARE DOING IT RIGHT! There is no wrong way to feed!!

As your baby grows you realize that fellow moms are your best friends and in some cases your enemies don’t take that the wrong way mamas, but sometimes all the comparing and judging can be too much!

What I think I’ve learned is that all moms want something to talk about and to relate, and that can sometimes feel like everyone is competing or comparing their children to yours but really I think they are just trying to “feel normal” on this journey.

You might here things like;

How many teeth does she have?

How many hours is he sleeping at night?

Do you exclusively breast feed?

Are you baby led weaning?

Is she crawling yet?

Can he say any words yet?

Are you starting school yet?

Are you back to work yet?

All the Mom talk can really feel overwhelming, or at least for me it did, until I realized that maybe it was all just to gain a wealth of knowledge and to make each other feel normal, becoming a mother overnight is so hard and at least we know we aren’t going through it alone!

Well I think on that positive note I’ll end this post! All you mamas should know that whatever your doing to raise your babies is fantastic! When your family is happy and healthy then your doing it right! Let’s keep the motherhood tribe strong!!


Although it may seem like my family time takes over, my career life is one of my biggest passions. I am a stylist! A lot of people ask me what does it mean to be a stylist and how did I get my start. Being a stylist is a huge part of who I am so I thought I would share how I started and what it’s like working as one!

I have been a stylist for about 10 years now. Before I started I was working for a mom and pop shoe company in LA, learning the inns and outs of the business and traveling back and fourth to Italy to help design and visit the factory when I met my boyfriend (my now husband) and he was working in the industry as a photographer. I loved my time working with the shoe company and I’ve always dreamed of having my own line so learning the business side from the ground up was invaluable. But something was missing. My “boyfriend” worked on sets and he asked a stylist friend, more like begged her, to let me come watch and help. So the next day just like that I was lucky enough to be thrown on set with a great established stylist and her team as an intern and it all went from there! I am a firm believer that I was in the right place at the right time and some hard work did the rest. I immediately loved it and was driven to make it my career! If you would have asked my friends and family back then if I would have thrived in this industry and survived during an economic hard time they probably would have been unsure, but I knew from that first day that I was on set that this was “it”

I lot of work and time an energy assisting went into it after that first connection was made but I am so grateful to this day for everything I learned and how it all turned out!

When I was quitting college after only one year and all my friends were getting their degrees and thriving I always wondered if I would one day look back and regret that decision… well I can whole heartedly say that I do not! I just knew that I had to be in the field working so to speak, I was so anxious to start working and looking back that’s how I’ve always been. I wanted a job at my local clothing boutique at 12 years old.

I knew I wanted to pursue something in the fashion industry and arts and I knew that I was ready to work and nothing about my classes or campus was feeling right. So with the support of my family I moved home from back east and that’s when it all took off.

Ok so enough about the past.. things are different now in our age of Instagram and blogging and celebrities being so exposed so I don’t know if my advice for newbies would be the same, but I always tell my interns and assistants to work hard and put everything you’ve got into it, take every opportunity your given and if you love “it” and “it” loves you, the universal will respond and make you a place!

I always get asked, so what is your job, to shop for people? That sounds fun!

Sooo.. here you have it, the inns and outs of being a stylist!

I am an advertising fashion stylist, so I am not a personal shopper for anyone. Typically my clients are brands such as: Nike, The Gap, Old Navy, New Balance, Target, Levis, Converse etc.. Occasionally I get a celebrity client and that is definitely a different work flow. So yes I do shop for a living so to speak but there is a lot more that goes into it.

One misconception that many people have is that styling is “easy” or they think if they love clothes and are good at following trends and shopping that they can be a stylist. But there is a lot more that goes into it, you need to be able to manage personalities and communicate well with many different types of clients to make their visions come to life in your own way. And you’ll also be doing lots of manual labor, like schlepping wardrobe racks and heavy garment bags and trunks of wardrobe around airports and malls.

My clients look to me for mood boarding and character development in a way, I’m usually shopping for models or brand ambassadors. I am typically working with the advertising agency or brand directly to target a certain clientele or launch a new type of customer and style the ad accordingly.

For example, working with an active brand I might be trying to elevate their sporty girls looks, to help them reach or target a new clientele or tell their existing sporty girls that they can stretch their athleisure looks into a bit more of a fashion look.

On a daily basis I am brainstorming trends and fashion forecasting, and once Im hired for a particular styling project here is how I would handle the project:

  • Having a meeting or conference call with the team to determine who and what I’ll be shopping for
  • Flying to the companies head quarters to pull pieces and style their upcoming campaign
  • Shopping till I drop for all those pieces that we are missing: jewelry, hats, shoes, full outfits in some cases
  • Reaching out to designers to borrow coveted pieces
  • Organizing, steaming and preparing outfits and putting them into garment bags (with the help of my amazing team)
  • Meeting with the models and clients for a fitting to determine the exact looks we will shoot and to tailor them so they fit perfectly
  • Then we would shoot! For this part there is an amazing production team planning every little detail and all I do is show up and worry about styling

I LOVE styling! The places it takes me and the people I meet are so great and I’m constantly creatively inspired !

This is my website that shows a lot of my portfolio.

Below are a few examples of some advertisements that I’ve styled.

Still have questions? ask in the comments below!?




Finding the perfect pair of denim is a top priority for most women I know! But one thing I’ve learned throughout the years styling is that tailoring can make all the difference! 

There is nothing more iconic and timeless than a pair of vintage Levi’s! I have a couple pairs from my dads closet that I will never throw out! 

The vintage wash and worn in quality cannot be beat or replaced for that matter, but the FIT can! 

So hear you go ladies, what style vintage Levis are the best to buy and how to achieved the fit you want with your local tailor!

First of all of course there are a ton of places already selling re-worked vintage Levis but I haven’t been very impressed with the fit and they can run up to $400!

But YOU can get these vintage Levis from a ton of places cheap, everywhere from the goodwill to eBay for $15 bucks! 


Sizing: You definitely need to size up for vintage 501. They fit higher on the waist and the denim is stiffer so the “waist” size isn’t the number your used to. In general you want to go three sizes up!

Here’s a little guide:

Size 26 in your usual pair go for a sz 29 or 30

Size 27 in your usual pair go for a sz 30 or 31

Size 28 in your usual pair go for a sz 31 or 32

Size 29 in your usual pair go for a sz 32 or 33

Size 30 in your usual pair go for a sz 33 or 34

And so on…

This guide isn’t perfect, vintage is really trial and error, just for reference I’m usually a size 32 in modern jeans and my favorite Levi’s are a size 36! 


The 501 or 505 are perfect Iconic starting shape, you can easily turn them into a modern Mom Jean, boyfriend Jean or slim straight

The 512 or 517 are perfect for converting into a flare or crop bell bottom style!

Here is what to look for in fit! 

you want the waist to fit you pretty well, 1 to 1.5 inches can be taken in but any more than that and you’ll lose a good shape in the pockets

If a pair fits you pretty close to perfect in the waist but is baggy through the hip and thighs this is a perfect candidate! 

Also any length issues are easily fixed

What to tell your tailor:

make sure to tell them to keep the original hem, this is important

Mainly you’ll probably want to slim the leg and hip area and take the crotch inseam up an inch or so. Make sure you tell them to take some of the extra fabric from both the outer seam and the inner seam, this will keep the butt pockets symmetrical!

Most important areas to slim for a modern fit: thigh, behind the knee and taper down. 

Or if you want a crop or ankle length flare just slim from thigh down to the knee and tell the tailor to blend it out past the knee and keep some flare


You can easily find a cute pair wether your after a light wash or a traditional indigo wash on eBay or Etsy for $10-40

Your tailoring needs can vary but typically changes in the leg and inseam will run you around $40 per area.

So overall you could be spending $100 bucks on a pair of Levi’s that is totally custom to your body and the great part is I promise you they will NEVER go out of style. You may feel like following the trend with vintage skinnies or ripped jeans to mix it up but you’ll always go back to your Levi’s and love them!! Think 90’s super models! 

Some vintage Levis facts:

Selvedge with a single red stitch can signify a pair that was born somewhere between the early 1900s to the mid ’70s; double red line selvedge can be dated from the ’70s to the ’80s.

Big ‘E‘: Levi’s that sport the original logo on the tab. (LEvis spelled with a capital E) are a pair that that were created well before the 70’s

Comment with questions below!!

I can’t wait to see you all in your iconic Levi’s look!

Ready to get yourself a pair! Here is where to buy them!

If your up for the hunt try eBay or Etsy and put in the search “vintage Levis 501” you should get a lot of good results!

If your not feeling that adventurous try looking at urban outfitters online or even Levi’s direct site for a more modern redone pair.

use these links to shop or get inspiration:×31-/253405859329



This is another heavy and very important post for me, I’ve always felt a need to get this out, so here goes nothing.

As February approaches I am reminded of one thing, our missing family member, whoever he or she was.

Last February I was one month away from bringing our beautiful Ruby girl into the world, but the year before that I was crying in my Obgyns office praying to hear a heartbeat during an ultrasound. It was two years ago and I literally have tears streaming down my face as I write this.

Yes I have two healthy babies and I feel BEYOND BLESSED! Yes miscarriage is very common, especially in your first trimester. Does that make any of it easier, NO! And That is my main goal in sharing this post today, to make anyone else going through this feel a little less alone. Physically I was not alone, my husband and my family were right by my side for anything I needed but emotionally I couldn’t escape the feelings of hopelessness.

It was such a strange thing to go through. We found out that we were pregnant with our second baby and we were filled with all the magical excitement that comes with pregnancy, and then after almost 3 months we were now losing that person. This part was probably the hardest on me, I had already felt her inside me (I always thought it was a girl) and bonded with her. In my logical mind I knew that this miscarriage meant my baby was not genetically developing and not meant to be with us. But in my emotional mind I was crushed and I couldn’t let go.

But what blew me away was what came after the miscarriage. Whenever I shared my experience I got a lot of similar responses, don’t get me wrong I’m sure everyone was coming from a loving place but in the moment it was so hard to hear.

“Oh honey It’s soo common” , “You’ll get pregnant again”, “At least you have one healthy baby”

Yes all of these statements are true and I’m not sure what the “perfect” response would have been, it was just that in the moment that was so hard to hear. All I kept thinking was, there was a human with me, growing in me, and all you can say is, “you’ll get pregnant again”. It made it really hard to talk about and open up about it. And if you know me, you know that I am a very open person and talking is  an important part of healing 

The stigma around talking about miscarriage is strange to me. In your first trimester you aren’t supposed to tell people about your pregnancy just in case you “lose the baby”, so we are just suppose to feel that pain and loneliness on our own? Why? Maybe we aren’t supposed to share the news because it might make others uncomfortable, but for me that was so hard.

So February is a little time for me to have a quick mourn and a time to remember all the things I am thankful for, to say a little prayer for that baby girl and remind her that we are always thinking of her.

If you are ever brave enough to tell me about your miscarriage I will remember to be strong and empathetic (lets be honest I’ll probably sob) but I will try to hug you and just hope you feel my positive love and compassion holding you! And I will acknowledge the being that you held in your belly and send her love also!