I have always felt so overwhelmed by the environmental problems that have been happening in my lifetime and what will inevitably get worse in my kids lifetime!

Going green or being eco-friendly can seem intimidating, but reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t need to involve a radical lifestyle overhaul! There are a lot of simple and affordable changes you can make and be making a difference!

I have been making an effort to make these small changes in our household whenever possible!

One of my favorites products and new additions to our home is our BUFFY COMFORTER!!

Did you know that normal cotton comforters use MILLIONS of gallons of water to make. And goose down comforters often lead to live plucking of birds in a cruel way! I was shocked to read this! 

BUFFY opts for silk-soft natural eucalyptus fibers - which use 10x less water to cultivate and are milled in a zero-footprint, Oeko-tex certified environment in Austria. Instead of down, Buffy opts to make its own rejuvenated microfiber, made seven times finer than an eyelash (so it’s lighter and softer than down). (facts taken straight from the Buffy site)

Aside from the fact that we feel good about how our buffy was made it is the softest and most breathable bedding I have ever had! We are loving it, and plan on getting a smaller one for our kids when they get into bid kid beds!

I partnered with Buffy and am so happy to offer you guys this code to get your own!!

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Use code LIZZIE15 - for $15 off

Here are a few other things we do to reduce our carbon footprint:

- re-usable bpa free plastic bags for kids snacks

- we try to eat locally produced and organic food

- we walk whenever possible

- we recycle

- we use led lights

- we grow some veggies and plants when we can

- we watch our water use and have switched most of our plants to drought tolerant