I don’t know about you guys but now that I have already Marie Kondo-d the shit out of my house and closet included I have been really happy pairing down my wardrobe to the basic staples that I love and just mixing and matching them differently to create new looks. I thought it might be helpful to show you how I do that.

Its a win win, shop less, spend less, but feel more comfortable and stylish because your in your favorite pieces that you know fit you well and look good!

Heres how i’ve been doing it:

  1. Use and app cladwell to organize the pieces you have in your closet and see them all in one place! Makes me feel like I have Cher’s closet from clueless… its so fun to browse through and decide what I want to wear the next day!

  2. Try ons - you can see my try ons in my instagram stories saved highlights were I do videos talking you through the outfits and where to shop for them.

  3. Outfit Links - You can also use this link to go see all the outfits I’ve styled and put direct shopping links to: Lizzie’s Outfits