Most of you know that I’m about to be on baby number three! So I’ve rounded up the most essential items that I have used and are tried and true!


  1. Maxi-Cosi® Mico Max 30 Infant Car Seat - We used this car seat for baby number two and I LOVED how light and sleek it was! Ruby always loved riding in it. And after purchasing a $30 adapter it fit onto our bugaboo and our double stroller easily for those first few months!

  2. Bugaboo Buffalo Complete Stroller - We received this stroller as a splurge gift from Nana on baby number 1 back in 2014! It is still our top used stroller, even though I’ve purchase multiple others and wagons and doubles etc, nothing beats our bugaboo! Storage is great, rides smooth, looks gorgeous… what more could we want!

  3. Dock- a- Tot Deluxe+ Dock in Pristine White - We only had this for baby number 2 and I swear it was life changing. Ruby could sleep anywhere and I could know that she was safe and wasn't going to roll out. It also easily packed into a bag to go to hotels and trips with us!

  4. Medela freestyle pump - I am a working mama, sometimes I’m on a wardrobe truck, sometimes I’m on a motorhome and sometimes I’m in a parking lot.. haha and this pump has been hands free in all those locations with me! I love that it holds a charge, I love how portable it is!

  5. Haakaa milk catcher - This thing was recommended to me by my lactation consultant with baby number 2 and I cannot recommend it enough. I definitely have some leaking boobies (sorry for the TMI) If your a first time mom you never know what your experience is so feel free to amazon this at the last minute if you want to wait. But I would catch up to 2 ounces of breast milk on one side while the baby fed on the other! For a mom who doesn’t produce much milk to begin with this brought tears to my eyes!

  6. Leader bag diaper bag - These diaper backpacks are functional, easy to clean when a bottle explodes, conveniently clip onto the stroller and have tons of pockets… AND look stunning and break in well! We’ve been using the leather/ canvas one for 4 years!

  7. Solly baby wrap - Loved my solly baby for those very first few infant days, but in my opinion they don’t hold bigger babies well, so you decide if its worth the investment.

  8. Wild bird sling - These wild bird slings are so beautiful and such a great easy way to slip on and carry baby! Good for anyone intimidated by the wraps

  9. Pacifier clip - Any kind of clip will work really but I’m loving these

  10. Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie - This is the the pacifier that has worked for our family!

  11. Car seat mirror - This is a great handy tool, we have 4 of these for every car and everyone! The kids love seeing themselves and it comes in handy while driving!

  12. Bloom coco rocker - This will be a new addition for us, the design is so beautiful I can’t wait to use it. Honestly I know there are probably the bouncy seats and swings that are uglier and work better but since this is number three and I know the older two will like to rock and entertain the baby I went with aesthetically pleasing for this purchase :)

  13. SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby - So this is a new one for me! We bought it used from a friend so I didn’t feel too guilty about the price tag if it doesn’t work out. But I’m praying it will make baby number three a dream sleeper!

  14. Swaddle Blanket- Honestly you can’t really have enough of these for those first few months! And I loved having these convenient velcro ones for the days you just can’t get the wrap right on your own.

  15. Organic muslin swaddle blankets - every baby I’ve bought a few of these and dyed them myself with some pretty colors, I always love how they turn out and save them for years!

  16. Ergo 360 Carrier - Ok I went a little baby carrying crazy but honestly I love carrying around the baby and this carrier is a must! It holds the baby in all the directions, facing in, facing out, on your back! The kids love it and its a great thing to always have in the car!