When I was pregnant with my first I honestly never even thought twice about breastfeeding... I was sure it would come naturally for Duke and I.

I had no idea this would be one of the hardest parts of my motherhood journey. No one ever told me while pregnant all the issues one could have.

As I talk more openly about breastfeeding I’m realizing every mama has a story and every mama needs support!

Wether it’s over production, inverted nipples, low supply, latch issues, mastitis,  etc etc.. I think this post could be 20 pages long if I really went into detail but if I could only express one important thing I’ve learned through all this it would be that no amount of breast milk is more important than your love and affection for your baby! Meaning, if you aren’t able to breastfeed or you decide you need to stop you and your baby will be OK!

I feel grateful that all my kids were able to easily latch and naturally went straight to the boob on their own, for me the hard part was keeping up with them. 

Duke was almost 9 pounds and he was a hungry little guy right from the beginning, I probably only produced one ounce of milk and for the first two weeks of his life he lost weight. I tried every natural supplement, I ate oats everyday, I drank gallons of water, but nothing made me produce more.

Eventually my pediatrician (who is also my mom, I know I’m so lucky) advised me to supplement with formula and continue breastfeeding as long as it came naturally.

I remember giving that first bottle and crying, I knew in my logical mind that it was what we had to do but emotionally I felt like such a failure. I couldn’t even provide for my own baby.

The public judgment from people I didn’t even know that asked me why I was using formula or if I even tried to breastfeed made me feel even worse, I was embarrassed every time I had to feed a bottle in public. 

Fast forward to three babies later and my attitude is SO different! I know as long as my babies are loved and we are both happy that we will all be ok! 

I’ve started a series of interviews and conversations on my Instagram that has been so uplifting and encouraging! Go to my highlights and check out “Breastfeeding” to see mini interviews with:

Dr. Christine Sterling - OBGYN

Janae Rose - Pediatric OT & Lactation consultant 

Alex Merrell - New Nicu Baby mama 

And more to come!

The mama tribe has saved me from feeling alone, overwhelmed and depressed many times during this journey of motherhood and it has inspired me to continue learning from others! 

I hope you enjoy!