Being a momma is hard enough and even though I have three little ones under five so they don’t really go to school full time anyways thinking about being productive and yet still enjoying the summer has really been stressful! Anyone else?! I am either working from home or on set working all day or even traveling for work so trying to keep my household running can be a challenge.

Lately I can’t seem to be in the moment because I have so much work in the background of my mind that I can’t shut off! Being an entrepreneur is hard AF but it really is who I am and I don’t think I could stop if I wanted too! If I’m not on set styling Ads then I’m working on my jewelry line, or blog or insta life 😊

So instead of complaining I’ve decided to make a plan for the next couple summer months to relieve my stress and help me be more in the moment with the family while Im not working or on the weeks I’m working the most!


* Plan out a schedule of activities or play dates for the nanny. Make a list of museums we have a membership to or their free 👌🏼, parks that the kids like, farmers market day, etc.

* Order groceries on Sunday from my fav @milkandeggscom and plan out weekly meals so I can easily cook when I get home from work or the nanny can start them. I love that when I order groceries I can think about the meals, it doesn’t have to be set in stone, I like to get 3-4 meats, fish, ground turkey, chicken breast and that way I can make multiple meals from each. Ground turkey for example can become meatballs, tacos, lasagna, stuffed peppers etc! 

* I’m setting a goal to either wake up early or do an afternoon workout 4 days a week, quick at home workouts I love @loroxburgh rebounder and roller videos, I just quickly roll out a mat and do them on our patio 

* Buy a few kids birthday presents online and wrap and store them for summer bday parties and store them in the garage 😜so I can just grab and go

* Hire a bi-weekly house cleaner or if that isn’t in your budget try to split up cleaning days. I like to clean as I go, leave a bottle of cleaner under the bathroom sink and kitchen; after the kids baths spray and wipe down the bath, wipe down the island and kitchen table after dinner! Vacuum during naps or kids quiet time. Every time I get new groceries I try to wipe down and clean out the fridge. I try to split up laundry, to the towels and sheets Monday’s, kids laundry Wednesday and our laundry Friday or something like that. 

* Plan my outfits out with the @cladwell app! I love that It reminds me what is in my closet and while I’m laying in bed feeding the baby or can’t sleep I can plan my outfits for the next day or week instead of digging through my closet.

* When possible just take a day off all todo list items and go somewhere new with the kids or hubs.. which leads me to the next one...

* Date night every other week! Even if we go broke paying for a sitter it’s worth it ;)

I’ve noticed as I get older having some control and schedule actually makes me feel calmer even if I don’t get it all accomplished at least I have a plan to attack it. 

I hope this little list is helpful for you too!